Console Repairs


At Instant Technology Centre, we offer fast and reliable gaming console repair service in Finchley, North London. With nearly 15 years of experience in console repairs and having repaired over 400 consoles, we can assure you that we can repair all type of console issues that exist.  Check out our special offers on console repair service here. Our guarantee – if we can’t fix it, no one else can!

Yellow Light of Death

Is your Playstation 4 staring at you with its yellow light of death (YLOD)? If you are looking for PS5 repair service or PS4 repair service, our gaming console repair technicians can definitely help. We offer Sony PS4 slim ylod repair, PS4 Screen repair, PS3 console repair, PS4 HDMI Port repair and other Gaming Console repairs at very competitive prices.

HDMI Port Replacement

Did your HDMI output from your PS4 console just break? Looking for Playstation 4 PS4 broken HDMI port repair? HDMI port on PS4 console is one of its weak points and often leads to HDMI port problems, which is frustrating. Our team of expert technicians can replace HDMI port for you so can get back to gaming again.

Disc Insert/Eject Issues

Is your Xbox One struggling to accept or eject the disc? Xbox One consoles with drive faults are often caused by accidental damage. Foreign objects inside the console and too many discs being inserted cause drive mechanism faults. Our team of expert technicians are competent in fixing disc issues and all types of Xbox console repairs.

Fan Replacement

PS4 console fan can stop functioning for many reasons. If your console has received a knock or accidental damage, the fan may need to be completely replaced. PS4 console faults with the fan can develop due to liquid damage. Our team of expert technicians have years of console repair experience and are able to perform PS5 console repair  as well as any other gaming console repair.

Disc Not Recognised

Often Xbox One users raise concerns over their Xbox One not reading disc. Xbox One disc not recognised error can be quite frustrating especially when you want to unwind by playing your favourite title. Usually, this happens when the disk either won’t play or is not recognised when you insert it into the console. Our team of expert technicians can repair your Xbox One at competitive prices.

Other Issues

Sometimes your Playstation console, Xbox console or Nintendo console may give an unknown error which may disrupt your gaming experience. In such a case, you may need help from someone who can open the gaming console and diagnose the issue. Rest assured, our team of expert technicians can repair gaming consoles from all popular brands. Our guarantee – if we can’t fix it, no one else can!